How to Convert Word (DOCX) to PDF

Word files require an effective editor to convert the file into a PDF. You can easily upload your file on this PDF to Word converter and convert your file within a few seconds. This guide covers all the steps that will help you convert the file conveniently.

So, let's start with the PDF to Word converting solution.

How to Convert DOCX to PDF Online?

Docx to PDF converter lets you convert any word file into a PDF. The best online solution to do it is CocoDoc. Here are the steps that will help you convert any docx file online.

  • Upload File: The first step is to upload the file on this website. It offers you different ways to upload the file on this tool. We recommend browsing the file from your device to upload it conveniently.
  • Verify and Convert: It will show you the preview of the uploaded file with its name. Click the Continue button and wait for a few seconds for the process to complete.
  • Download the File: Your PDF file will be ready after the converting process. Click on the Download button to download it.
  • Other Features: You can use the other features on this tab to continue editing the file. 

How to Convert Word to PDF Using Adobe?

Adobe is one of the most popular file editors in the world. Here's how you can use this solution to convert Word to PDF easily.

Step1: Use the Adobe Tool

The first step is to open the tool on your windows device. You can get it from the official website of Adobe.

Step2: Choose File

The solution can easily read and upload your device files. That is why you can simply choose the file without even uploading them to its server. Make sure the file is uploaded properly before making any changes to it.

Step3: Convert and Download

The Adobe tools are available on a single page. Therefore, you need to select the output file as PDF before clicking on the convert button ( if you are on the DOCS to PDF Page, you do not need to select any file format). It will start converting your file and you can access it within a few seconds.

The above solution is for adobe users only. Please know that you need a subscription to this application to use this word to pdf converter.

How to Convert Doc to PDF in Word?

Microsoft Word offers an easy solution to convert word to pdf files. Not a lot of people know that you can convert a file using this tool as well. All you need is to follow these steps.

  • Open the Doc file in Microsoft Word.
  • Click on the File button and choose the "save as" option from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter the name that you wish to assign to the new file and add (.PDF) at the end of the file or choose PDF as the file format.

Click on the save file button and it will create a new PDF file on your computer. You can access that file in the documents section of your laptop or PC. 


The above three are the best solutions to convert Word to PDF files online. You can choose any of these methods to start converting your files today.